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Sharing a passion for antique British transferware from 1760 to 1900

TCC welcomes everyone who shares our love for the beauty and technical proficiency of British transferware including Blue and White, Staffordshire Pottery, Pearlware, Romantic and more... Join us and receive access to our benefits!


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Victoria & Albert Museum


BULLETIN! TCC 2015 Number 3

Bulletin cover

A new edition of the Transferware Collectors Club Bulletin is now available! Read the issue's featured article "The ABCs of Alphabet Wares" by Patricia Samford, Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, Maryland Historical Trust. Members, read the entire issue here.


Summary Report of the Special England Meeting and Tour

Summary Report Annual Meeting 2015Loren Zeller has prepared a vibrant summary report of the Special England Meeting and Tour, loaded with wonderful images photographed by Loren and by Larry Bouterie. The event was organized by Loren and Pat Halfpenny. Read the report.

View Images of 2015 England Meeting and Tour

England 2015 meetingThanks to Larry Bouterie for providing superb images of our 2015 England Meeting and Tour. View images.

Pattern of the Month

Battle of Bunker Hill

Battle of Bunker Hill

Shown is a 14 inch platter made by Ralph Stevenson (& Son) 1810-1835. Visit more information and other archived patterns to learn more about this pattern.

Database Discoveries Article #23

A Transferware Murder Mystery Episode 2 in a Transferware Detective’s Saga


Author Leslie Bouterie writes "Just as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot were never without baffling cases to solve, the work of a TCC Database detective is never done. Pattern identification mysteries abound, but rarely do they involve the investigation of foul play. Recently, I was performing my role as volunteer ceramics researcher in the Archaeology Lab at Montpelier, the historic home of President James Madison. The lab curator approached me with an urgent request, "Please help us to solve this 'murder'!" The staff archaeologists had recently unearthed a group of transferware plate sherds found in the swept yard area between the Southeast and Southwest duplexes, which served as houses for enslaved domestic workers. Clutched in the curator's hand was evidence of the dire deed in progress, identified as “Vessel # 1079” (Fig. above)". Read the article. See DBD archives.

Richard Halliday Seeks Images for New Book

Henrywood MedicalRichard is currently conducting research into blue and white (and other colors) transferware medical and toilet wares made between 1780 and 1850. His aim is to publish a comprehensive work that shows as many forms of wares as possible. These include: eye baths, pap boats, baby feeders, invalid feeders, food warmers (veilleuse), toilets, foot baths, soap boxes, bed pans, bourdaloues, spittoons, ointment pots, medicine spoons, jugs and bowls, chamber pots, leg baths, sinks, and many more. If you have anything that fits the bill, he would love to hear from you. His email address is blueandwhite@btinternet.com. Many thanks!

Demonstration of Copper Plate Engraving and Printing

An excellent seven minute video demonstrating the process of engraving a copper plate, and then printing from the plate. Presented by the Rhode Island School of Design.

copper plate engraving film


Henrywood's Highlights Number Twenty-Seven of an Ongoing Series

“Famous Places” series“Famous Places” series
A series of views from around the world made by the Brownhills Pottery Co. of Staffordshire. The views are printed on a sheet ground decorated with flowers and the letters of the alphabet. Most examples are plates, of three different sizes, each bearing two views, but mugs with single views are also recorded. More information. Visit the Article Archives

Dick Henrywood Seeks Images for Transferware Recorder #3

Henrywood booksDick Henrywood is now assembling information and images for the third volume of the highly informative and useful Transferware Recorder series, and hopes to be in print in the coming months. Dick is in need of images of plates and other forms to supplement those he has procured thus far. More information. For additional information on the series and/or to order volumes 1 and 2, click here.

NEW Book

H&R Daniel Earthenwares

H&R Daniel EarthenwaresBy John & Jeannette Simpson, Brian Smith, Bryan Beardmore
The reputation of Henry and Richard Daniel is based on their glorious porcelain but, in spite of its importance to the commercial success of the company, little has been written about their huge production of earthenware. More Information.


Photo of the Month

Cheddleton Flint MillCheddleton Flint Mill The Cheddleton Flint Mill is located a few miles from Stoke-on-Trent on the Caldon Canal. Its roots can be traced back to 1253! Although only one wheel is shown, there are actually two, a real rarity! Flint is an important ingredient in pottery clay. We visited this lovely spot during our 2003 meeting. Well worth a stop the next time you are in the Potteries! More information.
Send us your favorite photo and caption for consideration as an upcoming Photo of the Month for inclusion on the TCC web site, Facebook site, and monthly eNews:
Click on image to enlarge

Now Available

"Robert Copeland on Spode"

DVD CoverThe complete interview with "Robert Copeland on Spode" is available on YouTube. Robert discusses a variety of key topics related to the Spode family of potters, their products, and the times in which they prospered. Read more.

Now Available

Transferware Collectors Club Gift Memberships

Gift Memberships

Give your favorite transferware enthusiast the gift of a one-year membership to the Transferware Collectors Club! Gift recipients receive a handsome certificate verifying their membership as your gift, enabling them to take advantage of the same benefits that you enjoy. More information.


Classified Ads on the TCC Web Site

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Did you know that your TCC membership entitles you to free advertising on our site? (Dealers pay a nominal fee.) Check out all our classified ads, and consider placing your own!

Interesting Web Site

The Potteries Bottle Oven

Richard Jordan Excellent informative site prepared by Terry Woolliscroft, with numerous photos. http://bottleoven.blogspot.co.uk

Posted 1/3/16

Your TCC Bulletin Editor is Soliciting!

Bulletin sample article page

Your TCC Bulletin Editor is soliciting--for articles, that is! The Bulletin needs your fresh contributions about transferware: research articles, rare or previously unrecorded patterns or variations on well-known themes, unusual forms, source prints, personal experiences and interpretations, highlights from your collections. All contributions are welcome and appreciated. More information.

Transferware Exhibition Web Sites Co-Sponsored by TCC

spode exhibition image Visit three exciting web sites co-sponsored by The Transferware Collectors Club -- Spode Exhibition On Line, Patriotic America, and Printed British Pottery and Porcelain. Read the Patriotic America press release or Printed British Pottery and Porcelain press release.

Featured Books

Adams Ceramics: Staffordshire Potters and Pots, 1779-1998

Adams Ceramics by Furniss, Wagner and Wagner

By studying primary source material, the authors have compiled the most authentic and readable record of the prolific Adams ceramic wares from England, including earthenware, bone china, jasper, stoneware, basalt, and Parian made over a 200 year period. More information.

American Historical English Pink:
American Views on English Transferware

American Historica English Pinkby Margie Williams

By studying primary source material, the authors have compiled the most authentic and readable record of the prolific Adams ceramic wares from England, including earthenware, bone china, jasper, stoneware, basalt, and Parian made over a 200 year period. More information.

Featured Articles

Dark Blue Davenport

Dark Blue Davenport by Frank Davenport

Database Discoveries - Contribution #19
Transferware Collectors Club, June 2015

The Davenport pottery was first documented in a 1974 book by Terry Lockett then later by Terry Lockett and Geoffrey Godden(1989). The authors tell much about the ninety-three years of operation and the wide range of ceramics and glass produced. Download article.

Death and Bereavement on Transfer-Printing

Adams Ceramics by Colin Murray Parkes

Database Discoveries Contribution #12
Transferware Collectors Club, November 2013

Death is an unpopular topic in our society and we may ask why anyone would want to include death-related imagery on items intended to decorate homes or to be used in the daily consumption of food and drink. A systematic trawl of the current TCC database reveals 104 patterns that are directly related to death. Download article.


What is my transferware piece worth?

What's it worth?  The simple answer – whatever you can get for it – has truth but doesn’t explain why. More | Other FAQs

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Transferware Research Funding: it’s time to apply!
The TCC is pleased to welcome applications for the 2016 Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant Program for the study of British Transferware. Launched in 2009, the Richards Research Grant Program is dedicated to supporting research focused on British transferware produced between 1750 and 1900. The Richards Foundation has increased its funding this year to $10,000. To date the program has funded seventeen projects. Recipients’ projects are published on our web site: Past Recipients

All grant applications must be received by May 4 of the year the request is made. Download Grant Application.

What's Happening in British Ceramics

"What's Happening in British Ceramics"

New American Friends of the Spode Museum Established
America's Spode Enthusiasts Offer Support
The American Friends of the Spode Museum (AFOSM) was established in 2015 under the leadership of TCC Vice President Michael Sack to strengthen the Spode Museum's international presence. It will afford donors subject to U.S. Income Tax the opportunity to support the Spode Museum Trust with their charitable deductions by makingtheir donations to AFOSM. The American Trust will then be able to make donations directly to the Spode Museum Trust.
Download the article.

Montpelier Ceramics Focused Archaeology Workshop


Montpelier, the presidential home and estate of James Madison in Orange, Virginia, extends a special invitation to TCC members and friends to participate in their LEARN Archaeology Expedition Program, during a special ceramics-focused Historic Artifacts Workshop to be held from February 21-26, 2016. Learn more.

New TCC Research Grant

The TCC Research Grant Committee has announced the 2015 recipient, Richard Halliday, whose project is “Transferware Medical and Toilet Wares 1780-1850”. More Information.

Spode frontgate

The Spode Museum Trust and Friends of the Spode Museum Seek TCC Member Support
More Information.

aution watch

Auction of Creutzburg-Martin American Historical Dark Blue Transferware Collection.
Part I on March 5, 2016

Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction with an emphasis on transferware.


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Results of Recent Auctions Advertised on the TCC Website and eNews


The Masonic Hall, Philadelphia plate recently offered by TCC member Richard Marden sold for $7000, significantly over the $5000 reserve.

A ca. 1793 President Washington and Eagle medallion plate recently offered by TCC member Peter Scott sold for $9500.


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